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Order custom pool table felt with your special design or image.

We Specialize in Championship, Simonis, ProLine, ProForm and Custom Printed Pool Table Felt


Order custom pool table felt with your own special logo or graphic design!
Email to discuss your design, start an order or ask a question.

Customize your table for that one-of-a-kind look with virtually unlimited printing capabilities.

Steps to Get Started:

  1. Email us at to place an Order
  2. Send us your art (Review Art Guidelines & Legal Info Below)
  3. Settle Payment
  4. Approve a digital proof
  5. Install your felt
  6. Enjoy your one of a kind table!

Whether you're a business looking to make a corporate image statement or an individual wanting something different to complement your home decor, we are glad to produce a felt design to suite your needs. We start with proofs for your design.Once approved the design goes to production.

Example of Proof and Installed Felt

Original Proof

Original Proof  Original Proof


Polyester Cloth/Unlimited Designs (Full Color/Photographic Designs - Good Playability)

  • 100% Polyester 18oz Cloth with Teflon Anti-Friction Coating
  • Printing is done in USA
  • Virtually unlimited printing capabilities
  • Discounts are offered for multiple prints that are exactly the same.
  • Average delivery is 2-3 weeks after digital proof approval. Custom printing is a specialized process so Rush Orders are not accepted.
  • Orders must be 100% paid in advance before we prepare the digital proof
  • Average time for digital proof is 1-2 business days
  • Price includes free ground shipping in the Continental USA. reserves the right to adjust pricing based on your specific artwork. The prices above work for 95% of the prints we do.
  • Pricing
    7’ or 8’ Table 9’ Table
    $550 $600

View examples of completed designs:
Polyester Cloth/Unlimited Designs - Gallery



Artwork File Guidelines

Artwork should be submitted in vector file format (.ai preferred).Additional charges may apply if we have to rework or redraw your graphic. Email us at with any questions concerning artwork requirements.

Recommended Applications

  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Some PDF Files

Vector Files (AI)

  • This format is best for all printing.
  • All text/fonts must be converted to curves.
  • No specific resolution is required.
  • Limit your file size to 5mb or less.
  • True vector files saved in .pdf may be acceptable.

*Images copied from the web in .jpg, .gif or .bmp are not acceptable for processing due to pixelation and degradation on enlargement. Please do not waste your time saving these type images in adobe, coreldraw or pdf - they will not work.

Document Setup

  • File should be setup in proper proportion to the chart below.
  • If scanned images are in the file, RGB scans are preferred.
  • Submit your file to in uncompressed format.
  • PDF files are acceptable but may incur a fee if we have to convert the file to a useable format.
7 Foot 43" x 83" 36" x 76" 31" x 71"
8 Foot 51" x 95" 44" x 88" 39" x 83"
9 Foot 57" x 107" 50" x 100" 45" x 95"



 Unless your design is in the "public domain", you must own the rights to the design, graphic or logo you wish you use or have a letter of authorization from the copyright/trademark holder. For example you may not use a Harley Davidson copyrighted image or logo without written authorization from an agent or representive of Harley Davidson, Inc. You may, however, use a photo image taken by you of your own Harley motorcycle. Due diligence in copyright matters is your responsibilty. We reserve the right to reject any design you submit or require additional information if we determine any possibilty that the design would be considered copyright or trademark infringement. Please contact us with any questions concerning an image you want to use.