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Variety of Pool Table Felt Colors

felt colors pool table felt colors

Choosing the right pool table color is essential in ensuring your pool table is beautiful. A pool table is an interesting gaming table that can also be an asset to the décor of the house. It is a permanent asset in your home and it is important it blends in with the rest of the room, club, bar or den. The growth in technology has brought about the possibility of creating new colors. Pool table owners are spoilt for choice when it comes to the variety of colors available in the market. Here are some factors to consider when choosing a color for your pool table felt.

  1. Type of Wood

The type of wood and color should be considered because there are colors that match, and others do not. Once you have decided on the stained wood you like, you need to find a felt color that compliments the wood.  The traditional green shade goes with any kind of wood stain.  Green basically has a good finish to the table. Blue and shades of blue also look good on the pool tables. Blue matches well with both light and dark woods stains. There are other colors that look good on all types of wood like camel, tan, gold, olive, dark green, burgundy, and grey


  1. Area Lighting

The lighting in the area where the pool table is placed can determine the pool table felt color. Majority of the players believe that bright colors like red, orange or electric blue are hard on the eyes. Red gets the most critics stating that it causes headaches even increase the possibility of fight in clubs and bars because it’s an aggressive color. However, there are no studies proving whether the effect is a fact or not, but people still steer clear of red pool table felts.


  1. Location

As stated earlier, in the beginning, the pool table felt color should fit into the room décor. The pool table felt color can also determine the mood of a room. Bright colors add warmth to the room that’s dull. Dark colors can make a room look gloomy. However, when dark colors are added to a bright décor room, the balance the bright colors as a decoration tactic. Dark colors. Bright colors will also make a room appear bigger.

At we have a wide variety of colors. For green tones, we have olive, spruce, dark green, blue-green, and tourney green, basic green, bottle green and classic green. These hues of green are made of the highest quality felt. They are best used for tournaments and competition tables.

Blue hues include navy, Tournament blue, electric blue, marine blue and royal blue. Blue hues can easily be incorporated in any room. They are also popular for championships, tournaments, and competitions. Red hues are mostly red, wine and burgundy. People fear red hues as they are hard to the eyes and cause headaches. Red hues, however, look good on most woods and pool tables.

There are other new tones that have gained popularity in recent years. Black and grey colored pool table felt are beautiful additions to brightly colored rooms or areas with a lot of light. They are neutral, so they look good on any wood stain. Other neutral colors include purple, camel and tan. These cool colors are becoming pool players’ choice.

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