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About Our Simonis 860 Cloth

simonis simonis 860

Simonis 860 cloth is a very high-quality pool table cloth available in the market today. It has been manufactured since 1680 in Verviers in Belgium. Due to its quality, it is used in pro games like tournaments and championships aired on T.V. We at have the clothes in stock with a variety of colors.


Simonis 860 cloth is a fine fabric made out of worsted yarn. For this reason, it does not fray or has fluffs like lesser quality materials. It is made from the best combed and worsted yarns. The fabric has a high thread count which makes it strong. The use of worsted thread is the characteristic that makes the Simonis 860 cloth perfect for pool tables. The fabric provided a flat surface and does not form grooves or tracks on the pool table. It provides a smooth surface for accuracy and consistency when players are competing.


Simonis 860 comes in a variety of colors. The available colors are orange, brown, olive, grey wine red, burgundy, purple, royal blue, gold. Camel, marine blue, electric blue, red, powder blue, tournament blue, black, blue-green, dark green, spruce and classic Simonis green. With such a wide variety of color pools, owners are spoilt for choice. The pool owners can choose colors that match their décor or the pool table rails. For those with a black pool table rail, they can enjoy any color they choose.


The cost of a Simonis 860 cloth varies with the size of the pool table. The price of a Simonis 860 pool table felt varies between $233 and $435 according to The price for a 7’ pool table felt is $233 while that of an 8’pool table is $289. 8’ oversize pool table owners can expect to part with $315 for the pool table felt.  A 9’ pool table felt will cost owners $337 while those with 10’ pool tables will part with $435 for their pool table felt.


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